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Which Boiler?

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On average, boilers last between 10 and 15 years. So, if your boiler is coming up to this age, it may be time for you to consider getting a new one installed. Besides their age, there are a number of other reasons for replacing your old boiler system. This could include:


  • Beyond economical repair (BER) – In some cases, it can be more cost-effective to replace your boiler than to organise for it to be repaired. For example, if you have an old boiler that is prone to faults, instead of constantly paying to get it repaired, you could invest in a brand-new boiler system.
  • Moving the system – If you’re unhappy with the location that your boiler is in, installing a brand-new boiler could be more worthwhile. It could also potentially be less-hassle as you’ll have the option to upgrade your system and get a more energy-efficient source of central heating.
  • Current system fails to meet your needs – Many homeowners opt for a boiler replacement if they find that their current system struggles to meet their heating and hot-water needs. For example, a homeowner whose property has high hot-water and heating demands may choose to install a boiler with a higher kW output.
  • Low energy-efficiency rating – Boilers with low energy-efficiency ratings could cause higher energy bills. It could therefore be beneficial for homeowners with low-efficiency boiler systems to invest in a system that has higher levels of energy-efficiency, as this could enable more savings!** The UK government is keen to promote the installation of A-rated energy-efficient boilers, in order to increase savings as well as protect the environment.
  • Selling/renting your property – A house with a new boiler fitted could be more appealing to buyers and tenants than a home with an older and potentially less energy-efficient system. It could therefore be beneficial for you to invest in a boiler if you plan on selling your home, as this could enhance buyer/tenant interest.

Combi Boilers

System Boilers

Regular Boilers

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  • Compact size; good choice for smaller properties
  • No loft space needed in your home
  • Less pipework required which typically makes the installation cheaper – unless undergoing a system swap
  • Provides a constant flow of hot water from the mains

Combination boilers or “combi” boilers are one of the most popular choices of home boiler systems within the UK. True to their name sake, these heating systems combine efficient water heating with powerful central heating in one to provide households with on demand hot water and heat.

Our A-rated gas combi boilers are a great choice for most homes. They’re typically easy to install, compact, and available in a range of sizes and outputs. Our boilers are also compatible with a selection of fuel sources, so whether you’re in need of a LPG, oil or gas combination boiler we have an extensive range of boilers that should be able to suit your needs.

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  • Typically suitable for homes with more than one bathroom
  • Doesn’t need a loft tank, which saves space
  • No feed or expansion cistern makes them more efficient
  • Offer a constant supply of hot water to any number of taps

System boilers (also known as sealed-system boilers) are generally suitable for a variety of homes, particularly those that have more than an average demand for hot water. These boilers are manufactured to provide both heating and hot-water with the use of an additional storage cylinder.

If you’re looking for a system boiler installation for your home, we aim to supply a diverse range of high-quality products from some of the industry’s leading brands. Get in touch and we’ll aim to help you find a suitable option.

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  • A typically great choice for homes where a lot of hot water is used at the same time
  • Typically suitable for large households with two or more bathrooms
  • Requires a cold water storage tank in the loft as well as a hot water tank

Conventional boilers (also known as regular boilers, heat only boilers or open vent boilers) are designed to provide both heating and hot-water with the use of an additional cold-water tank and hot-water cylinder. These boilers could be particularly suitable for households where multiple people are likely to require hot-water at the same time.

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